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LinkedIn Social Selling Strategy

We regularly leverage the benefits of LinkedIn social selling and Account-based marketing and know that both of these strategies require the marketing and sales teams to work together to get the desired results.

For instance, marketing needs sales to give them a target account list to create and execute Account-based marketing campaigns.

Social Selling

On the other hand, we find a successful LinkedIn social selling strategy requires demonstrating thought leadership and creating a series of social posts via the salespeople’s personal brand and profiles as opposed to the company’s to enhance their legitimacy and win more conversations.

So, the sales department relies on marketing to help them with that. Simply put, social selling and account-based marketing require both teams to work together and collaborate on the information that they are sending out.

Forrester put it quite simply in their recent research:

While social selling is effective, marketing teams would have high chances of success if they targeted the accounts that the sales teams are actively engaging. For instance, their In Mails would have high acceptance rates, as highlighted by a LinkedIn study that revealed that prospects who have interacted with a company’s marketing are
25% more
likely to respond to their In Mails.

The success of your social selling and Account-based marketing is highly dependent on your sales and marketing teams collaborating.

Our LinkedIn Social Selling Strategy and service will provide you everything you need including:

  • A thorough briefing with Sales and Marketing to best extract Thought Leadership knowledge that is hyper-personalised to specific industry verticals, job-roles and accounts that the Sales team are working on.

  • LinkedIn outreach using nominated sales team accounts to connect and start a relationship. Includes creative & copywriting for message and execution from personal LinkedIn account.

  • LinkedIn profile improvements for nominated sales team accounts as well as a regular posting strategy and implementation to increase Thought-Leadership status.

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