Understanding more than WordPress.Is eye wateringly wonderful.

Full Stack Development

Ultimately, full stack development is about listening. Listening to the customer's needs and wants.

Then understanding. Understanding what the customer's business problem is. As ultimately we're problem solvers.

Once we have really drilled down into this we can then propose a technical solution that will work for you.

Our company website and associated marketing required a review.  Whilst not wishing to amend our key marketing message, we sought to complement and improve our approach.  And from a technical aspect we needed improved website speed, live timetable feeds, multilingual FAQs and a better overall user experience.  To achieve our aim the main need we required was skilled assistance.  And so as usual, we turned to Hat Media.  Nigel Houghton and his team fulfilled our criteria; providing clear thinking, fresh eyes, and appropriately stress-tested our approach, giving us careful and considered recommendations.  It was a very good outcome. I value Nigel’s approach.  He compliments what we set out to achieve. TIM ANDERSON, CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER, AIRPORT LINK.

Full stack

We can think, analyse, design, wireframe, develop, test and deploy:

Most websites detailed (except the Yoga Department website and the Landing Pages) are Jamstack architecture with headless CMS, API and CDN components.

Why Jamstack?
A number of compelling reasons:

  1. Performance - they are FAST.

  2. Greater reliability and ability to scale.

  3. Better security.

  4. Lower cost and maintenance.

  5. Many popular tools and integrations.

Get in touch and let us know how we can help you?

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