When it comes to Go To Market Strategies including ABM.  We wrote the book on it.

Account-based marketing (ABM)

Jo will apply her experience and skills to create your Account-based marketing (ABM) Strategy to ensure delivery of the very best Account-based marketing campaign.

Our goal is to develop an Account-based marketing strategy that helps our B2B clients to shorten sales cycles and improve ROI and they typically see the value in the first 6-months.

ABM Book

As your team, we will guide you every step of the way on what B2B content is needed for each step of the funnel and collaborate with you during the entire creative process.

The Account-based marketing (ABM) Program includes many of the services listed in Services (Account-based marketing (ABM) Strategy, B2B Social Selling, Marketing Automation, B2B Content).

ABM Pilot

Your Account-based Marketing Campaign typically includes Engagement via a LinkedIn Social Selling Strategy

These campaigns are specifically designed for your target accounts. They are typically segmented by account, industry vertical and job role to make the most impact. When hyper-personalising the audience and creative, we see much higher and quicker engagement results.

In our experience, gaining social engagement via LinkedIn has been known to increase email engagement rates by up to 70% so this holistic approach gains traction faster.

Consider Account-based marketing (ABM) a strategy and Social Selling a method that is proven to accelerate Account-based marketing (ABM) efforts.

Social Selling would require us to work with influencers in your organisation to help them build out their profiles, post Thought-Leadership content and connect with all stakeholders in these target accounts.

Engagement via Email

Engaging the Target Accounts that have been identified in our initial workshops start by pinpointing the key stakeholders and key decision makers and encouraging them to opt-in by creating the following:

Landing Page hyper-personalisation for target accounts specifically to increase engagement. (Includes creation and copywriting)

Email Marketing inclusive of copywriting and design. (Recommended 2 emails per month for segmented target accounts to come from sales contact email address for further personal brand nurture)

Key metrics we focus on would include impressions by target account, engagements by target account, demo's, pipeline velocity & average selling time.

Social Selling

LinkedIn outreach using nominated sales team accounts to connect and start a relationship. Includes copywriting for message and execution from personal LinkedIn account.

LinkedIn profile improvements for nominated sales team accounts as well as a regular posting strategy and implementation to increase Thought-Leadership status.


Most organisations have existing content for the initial steps of the Account-based marketing (ABM) approach which allows us to hit the ground running within a few weeks upon an approved strategy.

Once we engage our key accounts, we then work on a hyper-personalised creative strategy that consists of the following:

(Zoom or) Video shoot and post production of Q&A with your designated product expert to extract Thought Leadership knowledge that is hyper-personalised to specific industry verticals, job-roles and accounts.

This is recorded and transcribed to create the following content assets:

  • 1 x guide from transcription - edited and professionally designed.

  • Up to 36 x Video snippets (Branded and Edited with an intro/outro slide) to be used in emails, LinkedIn socials, outreach and ads.

B2B Content Awards

One of our best Account-based marketing campaigns! See here how we helped Lenovo generate US$66Million across APAC.

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