B2B Social Media Marketing Strategy.Put your best foot forward.

B2B Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media is everywhere and we are seeing it deliver just as exciting results for B2B companies. But to get those results you’ll need a stand-out social media marketing strategy that uses multiple and relevant social media platforms in a clever, creative, and engaging way. Not only can you expect to attract more followers and customers, but you’ll create a space that speaks your brand's values, expertise, and offerings. If customer loyalty sounds appealing to you, a good social media strategy can help you get there.  

Having your B2B social media professionally researched, designed, developed and delivered is essential for any business looking to put their best foot forward.

B2B Social Media

B2B Organisations can on occasion see social media marketing as a series of short-term tactics with context-specific limitations. Our B2B social media marketing strategy approach is to extend beyond these boundaries to see how best we can achieve the following objectives:

  1. Sales-facilitation

  2. Integrated communication

  3. Employee engagement

These three themes are distinct yet interdependent and are each necessary if organisations want to develop a competitive advantage within the social media environment.

Here are just a few of the platforms where we really know our stuff!

  • LinkedIn

  • Facebook

  • YouTube

  • Instagram

  • Twitter

So how does the process work?

Our tightly knit team of inspiring social media experts conduct market research and teach themselves all about your industry and what your potential customers want. They familiarise themselves with your style, tone of voice, and branding requirements and carefully craft a range of content that often includes: 

  • Thought-leadership posts

  • Company and industry successes 

  • Industry news

  • Video content about your company and the industry

  • Latest product or company features

  • Relaxed content like gifs and memes, because no brand should ever be too serious.  

  • The faces behind your brand

  • Highlights of how you solve your customers' problems.

  • Facts, statistics, and tips

  • Posts that invite discussion and engagement

…and a whole lot more!

Get excited - we definitely are!

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