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B2B Content Strategy

The B2B content we produce is produced on the back of a thorough and personalised B2B content strategy, which seeks to best understand why you do what you do and how we can help do it better.

Your B2B content strategy has to support your wider Account-based marketing strategy and should ensure that at whatever stage of the B2B buyer journey your Target Ideal Client Profiles (ICPs) are at, you have timely, relevant, engaging, creative content that helps your ICPS answer the questions they have when considering your products or services.

So questions around buyer journey and what content to produce at what stage of this buyer journey (awareness, consideration and decision) will have to be identified.

B2B Content

Whether you are after thought leadership content, guides, blogs, score card applications, videos, social media marketing or are open to suggestions as to what you should be using and need, we have you covered.

Our B2B services include:

  • Podcast production and distribution (Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts)

  • Webinars–production, hosting, and distribution.

  • B2B Content (Blog articles, eBooks & Guides)

  • Video production and post-production

Remember you need to take B2B content back a few steps:

  • Why are you producing what you are?

  • What is its role in your buyer's journey?

  • Does it solve your ICP’s pain points?

  • Are you able to accurately track whether the content is resonating with your audience?  Can it be done better?  Have you tested this?

  • Does the content support who you are selling too?

Remember, if content is king, then context is queen and engagement is the kingdom.
Phillippe Ruttens.

Our process to deliver great B2B content on the back of a solid well through through B2B Content Strategy starts with a thorough briefing process.  The results will be professionally crafted, right here in Australia.

B2B Content Awards

See here how we helped Lenovo generate US$66Million across APAC and was nominated for two Asia Content Awards.

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We serve Tech & SaaS businesses in the B2B space who are looking to scale beyond their revenue plateau and create predictable recurring revenue.

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