At the best organisations, each Account has a strategy around it for how you’re going to achieve your goals.

Account-based marketing (ABM) Strategy

Strategic Account-based marketing (ABM) is a highly focussed, customised and personalised B2B marketing approach, to an individual, in a target Account, along with others in the same Account, each receiving different communications based on their pain points.

Essentially Account-based marketing flips the typical content marketing/ demand generation strategy as below.


We see Account-based marketing working the best when:

  1. You have multiple stakeholders to target and recruit.

  2. Your product is niche, often with multiple verticals within your main niche.

  3. Your lifetime value income (LTV) per sale would be expected to be in the tens of  thousands ($’000’s).

  4. Your lead-in time is typically in the months (6-18) not weeks.

  5. You have the marketing automation tech stack available (HubSpot, Pardot, Marketo etc.)

Your Account-based marketing (ABM) Strategy will include:

  • Workshop with Sales, Marketing, Product Owners and Experts (team effort and all that).

  • Identify a list of target Accounts. 

  • Research and identify decision makers from these Accounts, ideally with ‘buying intent’ data.

  • Ideally include Accounts from your existing prospects in your CRM.

  • Map out your existing Content required, identify the gaps in the content.

  • Develop your ABM Skeleton Strategy and Plan.*

*Your Account-based marketing (ABM) Skeleton Strategy is the minutiae of what will be done and will include:

  • The Account-based marketing (ABM) Program Overview.

  • Your Ideal Client Profile (ICP)  and their pain points.

  • The Target ICP buyer’s journey through the Awareness to Consideration to Decision stages.

  • The objectives

    by each stage
    of this buyer journey.

  • The tactics (1:many, 1:few,  1:1 accounts)

    content required  to be used
    by each stage
     of this buyer  journey.

  • The messaging by channel (Social, Email).

  • The Workflows required for automation.

  • Reporting and metrics for success.

Take our Account based marketing (ABM) Strategy and use it for your own team to implement or have us execute for you with our low risk Account based marketing (ABM) Pilot Program.

Note - Whilst our ABM Strategies will vary from Company to Company we would say that all ABM will be a  journey!

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