We love the power.Of marketing automation.

Account-based marketing HubSpot

There are so many marketing automation tools and we whilst we can work with most of the best we are a

Gold Certified HubSpot Partner
and also an approved
HubSpot for Start Ups Partner
, with shockingly wonderful discounts available for start up’s.

HubSpot is a wonderful tool but often organisations don't get the maximum value from all of its features and integrations as is constantly evolving so we feel you should trust a

Gold Certified HubSpot Partner
for your Account-based marketing HubSpot setup and delivery.

Perhaps start with a HubSpot audit and let us come back to you with a comprehensive health check with an actionable report detailing recommendations and best practices, which we or your team can implement.

HubSpot training can also be provided for any new team members or others in need of a refresher or being trained on the new HubSpot features being recommended.

Of course your marketing automation tool, needs to talk to the rest of your Tech Stack and we have helped convert many a Franken Stack back to one that works seamlessly, as it should through our full stack development team.

Marketing automation

With any marketing automation platform, put simply they all should do the following:

  1. Track visitors to your website (by source)

  2. Should allow you to easily build dedicated landing pages for campaigns you are running

  3. Enable contacts to be stored in a CRM

  4. Enable you to created dedicated email nurture workflows that are automated, based on predefined ‘rules’

  5. Should allow you to score these contacts based on their activities engaging with your content (pages, emails, guides etc.)

  6. Should alert you (and your Salesforce) when a contact should be contacted, as they have reached a certain lead score and are looking increasingly interested in your products and services.

  7. Allow you to report on every stage of your marketing and sales activities.

  8. Playing nice with the rest of your Tech Stack is also a must.

Marketing automation allows the orchestration of your ABM.

Remember, marketing automation is only a tool and it's only as good as:

  1. Your Strategy (ABM / Demand Generation & B2B Content Strategy),

  2.  Your Plan that you are executing,

  3. The data you are reporting on  and interpreting and,

  4. The changes and refinements you make to your marketing automation as a result.

Here at HatMedia, we are the nerdy geeks you need to run your marketing automation as we love the nitty gritty of data, reporting, workflows, triggers, CRM setup, data, APIs, custom integrations etc. etc. etc.

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